Plasma-assisted development and functionalization of electrospun mats for tissue engineering purposes

01 February 2014 → 31 January 2019
European funding: framework programme
Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Classical physics
    • Elementary particle and high energy physics
    • Other physical sciences
electrospinning plasma technology
Project description

In this project, I will explore the unique combination of two fascinating research themes: electrospinning and plasma technology. Electrospun nanofibrous matrices (so-called mats) are an exciting class of materials with a wide range of possible applications. Nevertheless, the development and functionalization of these electrospun materials remain very challenging tasks.

Atmospheric pressure plasma technology will be utilized by my research group to create advanced biodegradable electtrospun mats with unprecedented funcitionality and performance. To realise such a major breakthrough, plasma technology will be implemented in different steps of the manufacturing process: pre-electrospinning and post-electrospinning.