National research on the support for internees

01 December 2015 → 31 December 2018
Federal funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Orthopedagogical assessment and diagnostics
    • Orthopedagogical interventions
    • Orthopedagogics and special education not elsewhere classified
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Project description

The project addresses the evaluation of the Central Registration Point ( CRPs) in Belgium, which are operational in almost all prisons in Wallonia,flanders and Brussels, CRP can be characterized as brief case management intervention and a type of liaison between prison and community drug treatment. CRPs aim at supporting incarcerated. Offenders with a substance abuse problem in fincding adequate treatment on their release by means of three objectives: (1) providing information about treatment services, (2) increasing clients motivation and readiness for treatment; and (3) referring clients to as well establishing contact with treatment services in the community. Up until now, no scientific evaluation of the CRPs has been performed.