Technical studies OW plan Ostend - wave penetration Physical testing phase 2

01 September 2010 → 01 September 2012
Regional and community funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Engineering and technology
    • Construction engineering
    • Earthquake engineering
    • Geotechnical and environmental engineering
    • Water engineering
    • Wind engineering
wave penetration physical tests
Project description

The adoption has for its object et determining the overtopping discharge on and the forces on a storm wall. The tests cover the overtopping problems on the quays of the port of Oostende which is determined from an assessment that there is currently an unsafe situation when extreme storms (very high risk of flooding). From the test results of these formulas to be deduced which allow to overtopping for vege rable configraties and to calculate forces, given the dimensions of the quay and storm walls and the waves. On the basis of the forces and overtopping then the optimum height of the storm wall are calculated. The forces will be used to dimension the necessary foundation and calculate the structural stability of the storm wall