Study of pressure ulcer prevalence and the training of nurses on decubitus

01 October 2007 → 31 October 2008
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Project description

Pressure ulcers are still a grequent common problem in health care. The prevalence of pressure ulcers in Belgian hospitals was carried out by the European Presure Ulcer Advisory Panel (EPUAP) an initial £ European prevalence study estimated 10.7% in 2001 in 1998. For this, a uniform procedure was developed with a uniform data collection instrument. A limited number of hospitals from Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Sweden and the United Kingdom participated in this pilot study. In Belgium, the prevalence devubitus 21.1% which is double compared to the prevalence rate in 1998. This is due to the procedure followed in the European prevalence measurement. Any patient skin at the pressure points was observed by two nurses. This double-checking reduces the chance that a pressure ulcer is not observed. To assess the extent of the pressure ulcer problem in Belgian hospitals, all patients should be screened for the presence of pressure ulcers. Based on this prevalence study hospitals can improve their allocation of effective preventive measures. It is important that hospitals and nursing departments understand their prevalence and benchmarking (comparing hospitals and / or nursing units) is possible. The aim of this study is to identify in a structured way in the number of patients with pressure ulcers in all Belgian hospitals.