Role of developmental processes in the virulence of human pathogens: from molecular mechanisms to novel therapeutic targets

01 October 2012 → 31 December 2017
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    • Laboratory medicine
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biofilms quorum sensing developmental processes
Project description

The overall aim of this project is to elucidate the regulatory mechanisms involved in key developmental processes in microorganisms. To achieve this goal we have assembled a consortium of seven Belgian research teams and one international team. These eight partners will jointly carry out tasks detailed in six work packages (WPs) :

WP1 : Tools

WP2 : Role of nutrient sensing in the development of single and multispecies biofilms

WP3 : Persistence

WP4 : The role of sRNA and proteins interacting with sRNA in microbial developmental processes

WP5 : The role of intercellular communication in microbial developmental processes

WP6 : Differentiation of and infection by -Proteobacteria