PLASMATEX: Novel type of antibacterial coatings on textile materials and plastic with controllable release of antibacterial agent

01 December 2015 → 30 November 2018
Regional and community funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Classical physics
    • Elementary particle and high energy physics
    • Other physical sciences
textile industry antibacterial materials
Project description

The goal of this PROJECT is the investigation of new class of antibacterial materials with control of bacterial efficiency in according with a wide range of demands from medical textiles industry. Economical outputs of the PROJECT and valorization objectives are devided in 3 categories:

* plasma deposition system with integrated control module as am machine with potential of direct commercialization;

*new class of antibacterial nano-coatings on plastics and complex textile materials implemented by industrial partners;

* novel products in textile and medical sectors involving plastics.