Programmable Optics with Liquid Crystal Active functions

01 September 2023 → 31 August 2025
International funding: global institutions
Research disciplines
  • Engineering and technology
    • Optical networks and systems
    • Semiconductor devices, nanoelectronics and technology
    • Nanomanufacturing
    • Materials science and engineering not elsewhere classified
silicon photonics liquid crystals
Project description

In the POLCA project we will explore some novel functions based on Liquid crystals integrated on silicon photonic waveguide structures. The primary goal is to enable photonic circuits that become more easy to configure dynamically, i.e. programmable photonic circuits. For this, we need to identify liquid crystal materials with a strong anisotropy that can be deposited on the silicon chips, and then electrically actuated. We will also look into liquid crystals with other useful functions, such as bistability, hysteresis, or Pockels effect of high-speed modulation.

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