Cofunding core facility - Core Zebrafish Facility Ghent (Core ZFG)

Zebrafish Facility Ghent
01 July 2022 → 30 June 2026
Regional and community funding: Special Research Fund
Research disciplines
  • Medical and health sciences
    • Clinical genetics and molecular diagnostics
    • Genetics
    • Compound screening
    • Toxinology
  • Engineering and technology
    • Genetically modified animals
housing model organism microscopic analysis Zebrafish transgenesis microscopisch onderzoek disease modeling toxicological analysis compound screening genome editing
Project description

The Zebrafish Facility Ghent (ZFG) has been established more than 10 years ago at the Center for Medical Genetics (Ghent University Hospital). With a capacity of about 20.000 adult fish, the ZFG is one of the largest in Belgium and the only large-scale facility within Ghent University. The ZFG uses the zebrafish as an increasingly popular vertebrate model organism and provides services to both UGent and external users. These services mainly include zebrafish caretaking, breeding and genetic management, zebrafish disease modeling and zebrafish toxicology testing. Since 2020, the ZFG is one of the four Core Facilities at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences which includes a centralized financial management.