Valorisation of residues from the agro-food industry

01 September 2014 → 29 February 2016
Funding by decentralised authorities
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  • Agricultural and food sciences
    • Agricultural animal production
    • Food sciences and (bio)technology
residual flows from agro-food
Project description

In the agri-food industry, there are significant profit and secondary streams (too small potatoes, green part of the leeks, cucumbers misshapen, deformed croissants, ...). Currently, the utilization of such waste streams is done quite low in the cascade of value retention. This project aims to maximize the utilization of these waste streams in this cascade. After identification of the residues in the agri-food industry in West Flanders and assessing their exploitation potential will investigate a selection of waste streams which techniques are most appropriate to valorise these in the value as high as possible. These possibilities will be examined for the relevant waste streams: - use of the residual as an ingredient for a food product - using the stabilized residual as an ingredient in a food product - using the stabilized residual as an ingredient for animal feed (hobby) - Using extract ( s) selected from (stabilized) residual current as an ingredient for a food / nutraceutical