Analysis of the Campylobacter species distribution data of the EU-wide baseline survey on Campylobacter spp. in broiler flocks and broiler carcasses

19 December 2008 → 31 May 2010
European funding: various
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Project description

Report A focuses on the Campylobacter prevalence estimates and on the overall description of Campylobacter species distribution,
Report B focuses on risk factors. Their epidemiological interpretation and further analysis of Campylobacter species distribution

The purpose of the assignment is to provide assistance in:
- The interpretation and discussion of the deliverables related to reports A and B, provided by the external statistical contractor that will assist EFSA in the statistical analyses of the 2008 EU-wide baseline surveys, and
- the elaboration of report part B with a more in-depth analysis of the quantitative and qualitative data on Campylobacter and the Campylobacter species distribution compared to the report part A: i.e. analysis of raw data from the EU-wide baseline sub-surveys on the prevalence of Campylobacter in broiler flocks and the prevalence and numbers of Campylobacter on broiler carcasses as well as analyses of the Campylobacter species isolated.

These analyses must focus on main relevant epidemiological findings with regards to the quantitative and qualitative results and to the frequency distribution of isolated Campylobacter species. At population level in the broiler flocks baseline sub-survey as well as at food level in the broiler carcasses baseline sub-survey. Both for the Community as well for each specific M5