Identifying contrast agents for 3D imaging of biologically derived soils in porous organic substrates

16 January 2020 → 15 July 2020
Regional and community funding: Special Research Fund
Research disciplines
  • Engineering and technology
    • Data visualisation and imaging
3D imaging
Project description

Abhishek Shastry - BIOCLEAN
BIOCLEAN is a Horizon2020 Marie Curie funded project worth € 3.9 MM led by P&G, in partnership with 10 universities and 15 Ph.D. students. BIOCLEAN aims to develop mechanistic understanding into achieving deep down and long lasting clean surfaces via surface modification and photocatalytic approaches. In parallel, research is also being carried out to develop novel naturally derived polymers technologies for malodour control and polymer brushes for soil repellence. The project is also working on developing cutting edge visualization techniques such as 4D Micro CT, MRI, SAXS and surface measurement techniques such a Micromanipulation for studying impact of surface and bulk chemistry on adhesive and cohesive forces in biofilms. Learnings from this research project will feed into various industrial applications.
BIOCLEAN addresses the urgent need to create a sustainable training network across academia, industry and the healthcare sector which will fill the gap in Europe and beyond to produce highly skilled multi-disciplinary young scientists competent in chemistry, engineering and experimental wet lab biology. BIOCLEAN will deliver this network of young scientists who can apply their proven skill sets gained during the project life time to solve industrial and healthcare sector real life biofilm management challenges.