3M: More chances with Multilingualism

01 September 2017 → 31 August 2021
International funding: global institutions
Research disciplines
  • Humanities
    • Language studies
    • Literary studies
Project description

Teachers in Frisian primary schools are looking for good strategies to recognize multilingualism and to use it effectively. Where education so far was bi- and trilingual (Frisian, Dutch and English), teachers now increasingly have to deal with foreign-language migrant pupils. Teachers want to find answers to two problems with these strategies. First, they experience problems in dealing with migrant languages: they indicate that they do not want to ignore migrant languages, but they find it difficult to value and use them. Secondly, teachers want to improve the quality of bilingual or trilingual primary education in which there is language separation. Teaching and learning is done per day or in Frisian, or in Dutch or English. It is expected that connecting languages ​​yields higher results. This is supported by scientific research. Twenty-four teachers at twelve primary schools want to develop an innovative approach to multilingual education, which offers a framework for the valuation and use of migrant languages, as well as a coherent use of Dutch, Frisian and English in schools. All of this forms the basis of the More Opportunities with Multilingualism (3M) project. Scientific research yields validated approaches that need to be expanded, combined and tailored to their own school situation in order to be of use to the teachers. The 3M project focuses on developing together (through development research), trying out and evaluating a new approach and new didactic tools for multilingual education (through intervention research). All developed tools will be placed in a digital 3M toolbox, which will be made available to all schools. Thirdly, a flanking effect study into (language) attitudes takes place. In this project, the consortium aims to provide an innovative quality boost to multilingual primary education, not only in Fryslân, but throughout the Netherlands.