The miracle cabinet: How science works!  Castor room of yesteryear to current research excellence

Het wonderkabinet
01 January 2014 → 31 August 2016
Ghent University funding
Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Organisation of information and knowledge resources
academic patrimony
Project description

Knowledge of past and present is the focus of "The Miracle Cabinet: How science works. In total experience that appeals to the imagination, is academic heritage of Ghent University a confrontation with examples of current scientific excellence. This integration is internationally certainly not new. But for Belgium it is possible, however, they still call innovative. The 17th century library in the building is the setting of a modern evocation of the miracle room of yesteryear, where science and art meet. Contemporary research and ancient objects collected from a scientific problem, inspiring the audience to new questions through correlation and their interaction with art. The visitor experiences that cross-fertilization between science and art has been going on for centuries and still continues. The object is hidden, but to propose rich and exceptional heritage of Ghent University in an intriguing way to a large international audience. "The Wonder Cabinet: How science works!" Is part of the activities organized as a prelude to the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the University of Ghent in 2017.