Cooperation within the framework of IWT / R & D 060 432: Art Press II: Pre-clinical proof-of-concept of an optical arterial monitoring instrument

01 April 2007 → 31 March 2010
Private funding via IWT/VLAIO
Research disciplines
  • Engineering and technology
    • Biological system engineering
    • Biomaterials engineering
    • Biomechanical engineering
    • Medical biotechnology
    • Other (bio)medical engineering
Optical arterial monitoring instrument
Project description

The project aims to explore the feasibility of non-invasive optical technologies beeldborming of blood vessels and has the following objectives: - Research on the maximum achievable depth of imaging. The main superficial arteries (femoral artery, radial, brachial) may lie at a depth of 8mm, other applications are microvascular, arterioles and veins. The objective is to develop a technique to 8mm depth portrays, but if the image is limited to a 4-mm range, there are many applications - Research on the achievable depth resolution. It is investigated to which depth a resolution of better than 10 microns can be obtained for imaging of blood vessels, and blood vessel wall. A resolution of 10 microns has only been demonstrated for small depths. - Research on reconstruction of the lumen waveform with a view to deriving the mechanical properties of blood vessels - Research miniaturization of the probe. In addition to a classic performance (microscope) the performance of the probe in the form of a Photonic IC is studied with a view to increasing the reliability and performance as well as lowering the cost