Valorisation of intersex research: information brochure on intersex / dsd for parents and young people & continuation of sounding board groups

01 August 2018 → 31 January 2019
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Project description

Intersex / DSD (differences of sex development) is an umbrella term for various congenital conditions, in which the blological development of the sex differs from what medid generally mean by 'man' or 'woman' (van Lisdonk, 2014: 10). Interest groups often argue that binary thinking about gender and the social unfamiliarity of intersex / DSD leads to a lack of knowledge and openness in society, stigma, shame, and sometimes non-medically necessary treatment (NNID, 2013, Human Rights Commissioner of the Council of Europe, 2015 Human Rights Watch, 2017). It is unknown whether parents of a child with intersex / DSD and adult experience experts also experience this and what the consequences are for them. Where do people meet with healthcare professionals, with partners, friends, at school and in other social contexts, and what support need and experience do they have? Are they seeking contact with fellow sufferers and what does that mean? What are their experiences with any specialized medical care, treatment and / or psychological counseling, issues of openness of information, involvement of the parents and the child / adolescent in decisions about treatment and the timing thereof?