Sensitivity Upgrade at High Magnetic Field for NMR Based Science in the Next Decade.

01 May 2016 → Ongoing
Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO)
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high magnetic field
Project description

A cryogenically cooled PRODIGY 5mm TCI cryoprobe with 60 Z-gradient coil and automatic tuning & matching, operating from -40° to +80°C and compatible with the 700 MHz equipment at the heart of the high-resolution NMR technology platform at UGent. It includes:

1) a cryoprobe with cryogenically cooled 1H/2H/19F & 13C coils - the main channel can be tuned to either 1H or 19F. A room temperature 15N coil allows 1H, 13C,15N triple resonance for biomolecular applications.

2) 4 cryocooled preamplifiers for 1H, 2H,13C & 19F.

3) A nitrogen cryoplatform to maintain equipment 1) & 2) above in cryogenically cooled state.

4) A BOSS-III shim coil to maintain optimal magnetic field homogeneity when inserting the cryoprobe.

This equipment affords the highest sensitivity for 1H, 13C and 19F, which together are the most useful nuclei for research in (bio)chemical, material and biomedical sciences.

A Sample Case is requested to maximally benefit from the higher sample throughput possibilities.