Circuit-level Photonic design

01 February 2013 → 31 January 2014
European funding: framework programme
Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Applied mathematics in specific fields
Circuit-level photonic design
Project description

Caphe originates from within the ERC starting grant NaResCo, yet the work towards commercialisation for which we request funding here in this PoC is very different than the ongoing research in NaResCo. Indeed, Caphe was originally developed to facilitate simulations of photonic reservoir computing, i.e. study the behaviour of very large nonlinear dynamical circuits. At the start of the ERRC StG and even today, no other product existed which had the combination of flexibility and performance to help us perform that research. Therefore we developed out own tool, incorporating novel ideas to speed up the simulations for these large-scale networks. When new users whithin our own research group started using Caphe outside the field of photonic reservoir computing, it gradually became clear that this tool could have a more universal appeal and it would therefore be valuable to commercialise it. In summary the ERC StG will focus on using the existing version of Caphe to generate new scientific results in photonic computing, whereeas the PoC will focus on extending the software to bring it to commercialisiation in fields outside of photonic reservoir computing.