Green butadiene production via hybrid acid-base catalyzed dehydration of 1,3-butanediol

01 October 2021 → 30 September 2025
Regional and community funding: Special Research Fund
Research disciplines
  • Engineering and technology
    • Nanomaterials
    • Heterogeneous catalysis
    • Modelling, simulation and optimisation
    • Materials synthesis
Sustainable chemistry Catalytic dehydration of butane diols Nano-sized zeolites supported on rare earth metal oxides Kinetic model construction Process configuration analysis
Project description

This project aims to convert non-fossil butanediols into green butadiene via the catalytic dehydration of 1,3-butanediol over acid zeolites and hybrid catalysts in a single reactor. Quantitative knowledge about the synthesis route is acquired via fundamental modelling. Additionally, a description of the conversion steps leads to a separation scheme, resulting in the design of a commercially relevant process concept.