Open digital research environment toolkit for the advancement of mathematics

01 July 2016 → 31 August 2019
European funding: framework programme
Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Group theory and generalisations
    • Topological groups, Lie groups
    • General mathematics
    • Geometry
    • Mathematical software
open digital research
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Project description

Improvenements of the economy, ecology, health care, security and society overall are driven by innovation are mathematical knowledge and algorithms. Our global positioning system (GPS) needs relativistic mathematics, our mobile phones are allocated frequencies through combinatorial optimisation, the combinatorics of our genome yields clues to curing rare diseases, the privacy of our communications depends on cryptographic protocols steeped in number theory, and our national security is reliant on the mathematical analysis of increasingly complex networks. Engineering, Science and Business innovations that enrich society and mankind are made possible through mathematical foundations which are often developed long before their potential applications. Reciprocally, Modern mathematical research is increasingly accelerated by and enabled through collaborative tools, computational environments and online databases. These digital tools have the potential to revolutionise the way research is conducted.

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