A study of the law on social services and the right to social integration of the year 2012

07 May 2013 → 09 April 2014
Federal funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Law
social services
Project description

The method involves about 4000 judgments. To lose no time was immediately after reading a sentence or judgment must be made a written record. First read everything and then organize does not seem appropriate given the mass decisions. Therefore, we prefer to first build a detailed framework based on the literature. In this context include all items, both substantive and procedural. This framework serves as a steppingstone for each project member. When reading the decisions, the text will be transferred immediately to the appropriate section (s). We prefer to work exclusively in Dutch, also in the French judicial decisions. Afterwards, all translated into French. Methodology As indicated above, the judgments after a read and immediately thereafter the relevant text will be accommodated in the framework of pre-designed. It is thematically continuous text work where there is a reference to footnotes to the judgments and rulings. Each employee fills the text of judgments in the appropriate section (s). The coordinator of the project brings together texts and looks are no overlaps. He also ensures that the whole text remains readable. Planning The planning runs over eight months. If there are delays due to unforeseen circumstances would occur, thus the whole assembly can still be within the prescribed period chasm. During the first two weeks will be created under. From that can be accommodated is text from the judgments and rulings. During the fourth month interim report will be drawn up: this is definitely state what the trends are and how many judgments have already been processed. Work continues on the analysis of the judgments to month seven. There is a month to provide the translation.