towards an innovation of teacher education in pakistan

01 October 2012 → 30 September 2016
Regional and community funding: Special Research Fund
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • General pedagogical and educational sciences
    • Instructional sciences
  • Engineering and technology
    • Computer hardware
    • Computer theory
    • Scientific computing
    • Other computer engineering, information technology and mathematical engineering
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Project description

This PhD research in the innovation of teacher education in Pakistan. The following research questions are being dealt with: what is the staate of the art as to the adoption of the vaiety ofteaching strategies in teacher education in Pakistan? what are related teacher training cognitions (self efficacy, beliefs and attitudes) of teacher trainers about innovative teachertraining strategies in general and collaborative learning strategies in particular? What is the impact of the adoption of collaborative learning strategies in teacher training (PC and STL) on student teacher preformance (Englisch and social studie)? What in the interaction effect of teacher cognitions (student teacher beliefs, self-efficacy, attitudes) on the differential impact of collaborative learning strategies in teacher training on practices of student teacher in their internship settings in secondary schools