CREATION - Creation of a New Methodology for the Analysis of the Influence of Textiles on Human Beings

01 November 2010 → 31 October 2012
European funding: framework programme
Research disciplines
  • Engineering and technology
    • Other mechanical and manufacturing engineering
    • Other materials engineering
sensorial methodology textile influence on humans
Project description

This project aims at analysing the effects of textiles on human organisms and hence classifying the textiles in respect of their influence on human organisms. The concept is based on a methodology concerning physiological parameters, subjective and objective hand measurement and finally creation of a “reaction to textiles” model. It is based on physical tests on volunteers wearing different textiles (interactive and traditional ones), psychological reactions to those textiles and objective laboratory tests measuring a hand of textiles. The final phase consists of creating a sensorial process modelling based on stimulation of humans by textiles. Using volunteers in laboratory testing will enable the analysis of the influence of different textiles on human physiological parameters. The tests on textile sets of garments concern the physical measurements of the fabrics, e.g., liquid permeability, air permeability, thermal resistance, THV accordingto the Kawabata system.