Social Cohesion Indicators for the Flemisch Region . The development of comprehensive social cohesion indicators at the local level in Flanderes

01 January 2007 → 31 December 2010
Regional and community funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Law
social rights
Project description

The strategic goal of this project is to develop a coherent framework for the development of social cohesion indicators in Flanders. While in the past decade, enormous amounts of statistical material have been assembled in Flanders, never before these various data sets (crime, fear of crime, use of social security, income, social participation, local goverment expenditures) have been brought together in one coherent data collection, that can be used by a wide array of social actors. With this project, we will assemble such a data set, by bringing together some of the best research teams in Flanders, each of them with a long track record in their field (resp., criminology, social security, participation and local government expenditure). In a second phase of this project, additional data will be collected by conducting a representative survey of the Flemish population, with an oversampling of theoretically relevant communities (the selection of these communities will be based on the results of the first data combination phase).