Towards a Cultural Histroy of Ephemera

01 December 2013 → 30 June 2014
Regional and community funding: Special Research Fund
Research disciplines
  • Humanities
    • History
    • Language studies
    • Literary studies
    • Theory and methodology of language studies
    • Theory and methodology of linguistics
    • Theory and methodology of literary studies
    • Other languages and literary studies
  • Natural sciences
    • Information sciences
cultural history printing and book history UGent Special Collections Department literature ephemera
Project description

During the proposed 3-month fellowship period, Professor James Raven will be working on the unique ephemera collection and eighteenth-century printing ledgers in the UGent Special Collections Department. His work will be hosted by the Centre for the Study of Text and Print Culture whose Staff will closely collaborate with Professor Raven on ephemera-related and book-historical subjects.