Development and streamlined integration of 3D printing technologies to enable advanced medical treatment and its widespread application

01 October 2018 → 30 September 2021
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Project description

3D printing (3DP) technologies carry the promise of revolutionizing the quality and efficiency of healthcare. However, the required technologies, even when available, are currently too fragmented to be integrated into routine, affordable and streamlined solutions that can benefit a large number of patients. The challenge thereby is to deliver 3DP technologies enabling:

    Patient-specific solutions: personalized medical devices that are designed using the images acquired for individual patients and best fit their treatment needs;
    Complexity and miniaturization: complex shapes, articulations and miniaturized geometries of implantable medical devices and instruments have the potential to radically enhance treatment effectiveness and post-treatment recovery;
    Streamlined care: the ability to integrate diagnosis, design and manufacturing of 3DP medical devices into a validated software platform is the key to delivering fast, affordable treatments with dramatic life-saving potential.

Role of Ghent University
MMS will develop an automated software workflow for medical application of 3D printed technologies. The focus is on use of 3D printed medical devices for implants, prosthetics and orthotics. Further MMS will perform the patient-specific design and finite element modelling of 3D printed medical implants and prosthetics/orthotics, including topology optimization and exploiting the design freedom of 3D printing. PBM will develop and characterize biocompatible polyesters in line with 3DP needs. They will also explore extrusion-based and light-based 3DP using the synthesized polymers to develop functional implants.
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