FUNC: Tools for dry nanofunctionalization of particles and firbous materials

01 August 2014 → 31 July 2018
Private funding via IWT/VLAIO
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dry nanofunctionalization
Project description

The overall objective of the FUNC project is to create a scientific and technological knowledge platform

for nanofunctionalization of particles and fibrous materials. The project will focus on two emerging

technologies (atmospheric plasma and plasma enhanced ALO) to enable controlled surface modification

of particulate materials and the characterization methods to quantify the surface modification. These

complementary techniques will be developed and studied to co'ver a wide range of materials in terms of

size (nano, μm), shape (particles/fibers), material type (inorganic/organic) and structure (dense/porous).

This will result in a toolbox that enables the surface modification of particles at the nanoscale, by

applying either specific chemical groups or a nm-thin coating on the surface, to improve their

processability and/or to add extra functionalities to the particles.