Documentation Power-Link: Centre for sustainable and renewed energy

01 February 2007 → 31 January 2008
Funding by decentralised authorities
Research disciplines
  • Engineering and technology
    • Other mechanical and manufacturing engineering
renewable energy
Project description

- The development of a center that is intended to act as general contact / documentation for topics related to sustainable and renewable energy. Both the scientific community, as well as to businesses and individuals increasing. Under Sustainable and Renewable Energy can be defined as energy from natural sources such as solar and wind, biofuel and biomass, white biotechnology, synthesis of hydrogen and various modes to achieve rational use of energy. - To establish, develop and manage an information database containing both scientific and popularizing literature on sustainable and / or renewable energy, including articles, directories, press releases, etc. - Establishment and management expertise compendium containing all relevant data to be collected experts on sustainable and / or renewable energy. - Participating in and / or supervise whether subsidized Flemish, Belgian and / or European projects on sustainable and / or renewable energy. - Mapping of all possible projects on sustainable and / or renewable energy. - Organizing meetings and publications on sustainable and / or renewable energy.