Manually versus Cad/Cam fabricated removable partial dentures

01 April 2009 → 31 March 2016
Private funding via IWT/VLAIO
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dentistry removable partial denture CAD/CAM
Project description

The traditional removable partial denture is fabricated using different models and casted in CrCo according the “lost wax technique”. This process is technically demanding and time consuming with a final result which is not always predictable and certainly not reproducible. The aim of this study is to automize maximally the manufacturing process and to implement rapid prototyping technology in the fabrication of a removable partial denture, which will always be a custom made prothesis for an individual patient. Following this technical study, in a clinical trial,a Cad/Cam fabricated removable partial dentures and a traditional fabricated dentures are manufacturerd for the same patient and tested on fit, durability, comfort, …