industrial platform for flow chemistry - development of a center of expertise and pilot production installation for industrial flow processes in Flanders

01 September 2014 → 31 August 2016
Regional and community funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Organic chemistry
industrial flow processes
Project description

The purpose of the ATOM project is to explore the value of flow processing for a number of specific chemical production processes of the industrial partners to build a knowledge platform and expertise around flow chemistry in Flanders and the scientific, technical and economic hurdles identify those to be taken to a multi-purpose pilot production plant based on this technology to design, build and maintain. The market potential and the ROI will be determined both for particular processes of the industrial partners, as for 3rd party production. For the current project with a duration of two years will focus on demonstrating the potential of flow chemistry laboratory and semi-pilot scale; developing the design concept for a flexible pilot plant and verifying the technical and economic feasibility for contract assignments for companies. As a starting point for the project's industrial partners involved have defined a dozen cases with potential for flow processing as type examples of possible applications of both current and other future partners. These cases cover a wide range of reaction conditions on ((multiphase flow, exothermicity, ...). The ultimate goal at the end of the 2 + 2-year FISCH project is to have an operational pilot plant.