Characterization and Treatment of Body Odor

01 October 2015 → 30 September 2018
Regional and community funding: Special Research Fund
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body odour
Project description

Why do armpits smell bad? Which bacteria are involved? What compounds are formed? What

effect does body odor have on the quality of life? Can we cure it? These and many other questions

are handled in the current research proposal. Body odor and smelly armpits are an annoying and

frustrating issue for many people. Unfortunately, very few measures are available to tackle this

issue. The aim of the project is to obtain a thorough understanding of body odor development and

to find solutions against it. A bacterial transplantation in the armpit was performed from people

having no body odor to people who suffer from it. Immediate odor improvements were obtained

for many people, indicating the promise of ‘weat transplants’ This project will further fine-tune

the transplantation treatment in order to find a lasting axillary odor improvement for all treated

patients. Many optimizations will be verified and focus on the steering towards a good & nonodorous

axillary microbiome. For years, the idea was to kill off all bacteria in the armpits to

prevent malodors. The answer all along might have been the protection of the ‘ight’bacteria.