Study home language in education Part 3

01 January 2009 → 31 December 2012
Funding by decentralised authorities
Research disciplines
  • Humanities
    • Linguistics
    • Theory and methodology of linguistics
    • Other languages and literary studies
home language
Project description

Following questions serve as a guide: Research Question 1. Does the project have an effect on performance, attitudes, skills and well-being and the involvement of students in the participating schools? What differences can we observe them? Research Question 2. Has the project had an impact on the participating teachers, schools and parents? What differences can we observe them? Research Question 3. Can we explain these differences in the various actors on the basis of the input variables and the process variables? Research Design has the character of a Longitudinal multi-method evaluation of two parts: - Product Evaluation - Process Evaluation The research pays attention to the initial situation sketch of two control schools especially for the process evaluation. It is important that this control schole choose an "immersion" Dutch for students and eliminate the home language.