Consortium Preventive Oral Healthcare 2024 ("Healthy Mouth")

01 January 2024 → 31 December 2024
Regional and community funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Medical and health sciences
    • Health promotion and policy
    • Preventive medicine
    • Care for disabled
    • Community child health
    • Elderly care
    • Health and community services
    • Primary health care
    • Residential health care
Oral Health Health Promotion
Project description

The Consortium for Preventive Oral Healthcare (commonly known as Healthy Mouth) was founded in 2017 and is currently a consortium consisting of 7 partners: Artevelde University College, the Belgian Professional Association of Dental Hygienists (BBM), KU Leuven, the University Colleges Leuven-Limburg (UCLL), Ghent University, the Association of Flemish Dentists (VVT), and the Flemish Professional Association of Dentists (VBT). Ghent University acts as the coordinating organization.

Healthy Mouth, as a sustainable independent expertise center, focuses on strengthening preventive oral care for the general public and particularly for vulnerable groups.

Healthy Mouth develops scientifically supported and practice-oriented recommendations, methodologies, and materials for healthcare providers, the general population, groups for whom oral health is less obvious, individuals in poverty, the elderly, individuals with disabilities, children, and youth.

Healthy Mouth collaborates closely with intermediaries and other partner organizations of the Flemish government.