PAMEXEA: Climate Extremes in East Africa: Causes of variation in space and time

01 October 2013 → 30 June 2019
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  • Natural sciences
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    • Environmental science and management
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climate reconstruction East Africa
Project description


The catastrophic droughts which affected Kenya, Ethipia and Somalia in recent years once more highlighted the heavy impact of a variable climate on the vulnerable populations and socio-economic systems of (semi-)arid East Africa, and the enormous challenge to develop a sustainable agricultural economy in a future of climate change, growing demographic pressure and naturally scarce land and water resources. Increasingly frequent events of extreme weather now regulary disrupt the traditionally predictable succession of dry and rainy seasons, and appear to be super-imposed on a longer-term drying trend that has been linked to anthropogenic global warming.

PAMEXEA will improve understanding of these climate trends and extremes, as a basis for appropriate management of East Africa's land and water resources.