EU-FarmBook: supporting knowledge exchange between all AKIS actors in the European Union

01 August 2022 → 31 July 2029
European funding: framework programme
Research disciplines
  • Agricultural and food sciences
    • Agriculture, land and farm management not elsewhere classified
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Other information
Project description

An online, open-source, European knowledge reservoir about agriculture and forestry practical solutions was developed by two EU projects, EURAKNOS and EUREKA. The EU-funded EU-FarmBook project will further develop this digital platform, making it easy to search for and share practical knowledge about farming and forestry from regional, national and EU research and innovation projects. This is the first long-term, EU-wide digital knowledge reservoir. The EU-FarmBook platform will connect many AKIS actors, provide training materials as input to the advisors and serve education institutes. In terms of dissemination, EU-FarmBook will form links to traditional channels, such as agricultural journals. The overall aim is for the platform to stimulate knowledge exchange, user interaction and collaboration, ultimately resulting in innovation for environmentally, socially and economically sustainable agriculture and forestry.

Role of Ghent University
As a Coordinator, Ghent University is responsible for the overall management of the project
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