New entries to quinoid antibiotics an antitumor compounds

01 October 2009 → 30 November 2011
Regional and community funding: Special Research Fund, Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO)
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    • Laboratory medicine
    • Medical systems biology
    • Laboratory medicine
    • Medical systems biology
    • Medicinal chemistry
    • Laboratory medicine
    • Medical systems biology
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pyranonaphthoquinones 2-azaanthraquinones antibiotics benzophenantridinediones
Project description

Quinones are natural products and display a variety of biological activities, amongst which antibiotic and antitumour activity, which makes them an important class of compounds for the development of new drugs. Furthermore, the development of bacterial multiresistance in case of antibiotics represents a real problem, which necessitates continued research to new active compounds. In this respect, the current research proposal aims to develop efficient syntheses of potentially bioactive pyranonaphthoquinones, benzophenantridinediones and 2-azaanthraquinones.