RAFT-RApid screening technology For Treatment and diagnosis

01 June 2016 → 31 January 2018
Regional and community funding: Industrial Research Fund
Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Applied mathematics in specific fields
screening technology
Project description

Via a spin-off incubation project (IWT) an inexpensive and sensitive diagnostic platform has been developed with a high degree of ease of use that enables a rapid analysis of protein biomarkers in point-of-care conditions. The ability to perform this analysis immediately at the consulting physician or in the ambulance in just 15 minutes for a fraction of the normal cost allows care to be provided that offers more quality for the patient with higher cost efficiency. The development of a tabletop device has been budgeted in the IWT project. With the help of the IOF budget, we can completely redesign and miniaturize our existing read-out device in such a way that it can be integrated with inexpensive components of the smartphone industry.