Position of women in the professional field of art

01 September 2017 → 28 February 2018
Regional and community funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Civic learning and community development
    • Cultural participation
    • Cultural sociology
    • Sociology of arts
    • Migration
    • Arts and cultural policy
    • Communications and media policy
    • Sociology of work
    • Sociology of leisure and tourism
    • Sociology of sports
    • Voluntary associations, participation and civil society
    • Media and communication policy
    • Cultural media
    • Digital media
art field women socio-economic position
Project description

Initially, a description will be given of the careers, socio-economic situation and income of architects and designers in Flanders. Based on the first descriptive analyzes, we will outline a general profile of the architects and designers in Flanders.
We also make the comparison with the previous query. In this way, the research will give a comparative view of the disciplines, and will enable us to support a sector-specific policy framework in addition to a global artist policy tailored to the specificities of the disciplines

In a second phase of the study we will conduct more in-depth analyzes for questions such as:

  • What problems do artists face? Eg. by combining artistic with non-artistic activities, combining artistic activities in different subsectors, by combining various statutes
  • To what extent does wage represent an important aspect of career orientation, job negotiation or job choice, job satisfaction ... from a professional artist and how does this relate to other job characteristics such as creativity, autonomy, workload, ...
  • How is age and family situation related to the career and career prospects of artists

In these more in-depth analyzes, particular attention will be paid to gender issues