Protein Inference by targeted protein aggregation

01 October 2007 → 30 September 2011
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    • Medical biochemistry and metabolism
    • Medical biochemistry and metabolism
protein aggregation
Project description

The aim of this project is to develop a generic method to knockout protein function by specifically inducing precipitation of a target protein from whatever environment it may reside, whether it is an intact cell, a complex cell lysate or the extracellular medium, including the bloodstream, and this in al type of organisms including bacteria, fungi, plants and vertebrates. The method is based on the fact that (1) protein aggregation is generally a very specific self-association process and (2) that the specificity of this self-association process is determined by short sequence stretches within the protein (typically 5 to 15 residues). As a result it is in principle possible to specifically induce aggretation using short interfering peptides derived from the aggregation-determing sequence segments of target proteins.