Development and evaluation of screening protocol for allergy/atopy for breeding programs of assistance dogs

01 April 2024 → 01 September 2025
Funding by bilateral agreement (private and foundations)
Research disciplines
  • Agricultural and food sciences
    • Veterinary genetics
Project description

Allergic/atopic dogs are unfortunately encountered frequently in the assistance dogs world. Frustratingly difficult to diagnose (link with seasonality, incorrect work-up, combination of phenotypes, …) and treat, it is a disease that worries everybody. What has been shown, is that the phenotype can be transmitted from one generation to the next, i.e. that there are hereditary factors involved. This might be the answer towards reducing the problem: once something is found to be heritable, one can start selecting against the disease if … there is a good and standardized method to phenotype. This is what this project aims to achieve: to develop and evaluate a screening protocol that can be used later on in a breeding program.