Evaluation of the VAPH-policy in regard to persons subjected to an internment measure and detained persons with a (potential) handicap

24 December 2022 → 30 September 2024
Regional and community funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Public and not for profit management
    • Disabilities and developmental disorders
    • Orthopedagogics and special education not elsewhere classified
Disability prison measure of internment VAPH
Project description

The policy note: “Beleid en middelen VAPH tav de groep geïnterneerde en gedetineerde personen met een handicap” shows, by means of different investments, that attention is paid to care and support of persons with a handicap who reside in prison, (forensic) mental healh care or in VAPH-services. 

Figures indicate that there are several projects and investments. Yet, it is not clear what the (societal) added value is and which scope the different investments have. 

The research questions (RQ) formulated in the call by VAPH are:

1. What is de societal added-value of the VAPH investments in a specific support offer for detained persons and persons subjected to a measure of internment ? (RQ 1)

2. Are the current investments sufficient or are further increases or adaptations necesarry ? (RQ 2)

3. What is the current scope of these specific investments and is the geographical distribution adequate ? (RQ 3)

4. What is the size and nature of support for persons with a (potential) handicap in prison or with the judicial measure of internment ? (RQ 4)

5. Where are unmet needs situated and how can these be quantified ? (RQ 5)

In order to address these research questions a mixed methods design will be used, with qualtitative and quantitative measure that will be used in an integrated manner.