Intelligent Modern System Design - Phase 1

01 March 2014 → 30 November 2014
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Intelligent Modern design
Project description

I-MOSYDE Intelligent Modern System Design - Phase 1 Interreg IVA 2 Zeeën - Cluster 10-023-BE-i-Mosyde Prof. Jos Knockaert

i-MOSYDE, intelligent MOdern SYstem DEsign:

For high-wage countries” computerization of traditional industries is very important; in Germany, the new

terminology “ndustry 4.0”is used, intended to lead to smart factories with adaptive production, efficient use of

resources (“reen automation” and advanced ergonomics. One of the new enabling technologies is the “nternet of

Things”(IoT). “ntelligent MOdern SYstem DEsign”in automation is based among others on embedded system design

and (industrial) data communication, and uses advanced diagnostics.

Not only industry, but also automation in general services, in health-care [assistive technology for mobility (e.g.

autonomous wheelchairs), for communication or for living at home independently for elderly people], in building

automation, …, all these fields are using or will use the same technologies (Internet communication, embedded

systems, well designed human machine interface, ...) . Underlying technology and design are alike

or even the same, but experiences from the different users (industry, disabled or elder people, …) are totally different

and typically not shared.