Video-remote interpreting in the Fedasil reception network

01 January 2021 → 31 December 2021
Federal funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Humanities
    • Discourse analysis
    • Pragmatics
    • Sociolinguistics
  • Social sciences
    • Intercultural communication
    • Interpersonal communication
video-remote interpreting asylum and migration remote interpreting Language and text analysis Field research community interpreting public service interpreting video interpreting Language technology Interculturalism Communication Translation Studies
Project description

The COVID-19 crisis made the demand for remote interpreting, especially remote interpreting by videolink, particularly acute. This action research project, situated in the context of asylum and migration, investigates the institutional and organisational challenges and opportunities of video-remote interpreting in the reception network. We will first carry out a thorough context analysis, and then design, implement and test a an innovative method for video-remote interpreting in the reception structures. The implementation of this pilot project goes hand in hand with the development of an (online) training module and script for video-remote interpreting for service providers in the reception network.

This research is carried out with project subsidies within the framework of the National Projects 2021 of Fedasil, Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers.