Optimal barriers to sustainable food packaging: a balance between over- and under-packing.

01 October 2015 → 30 September 2019
Regional and community funding: IWT/VLAIO
Research disciplines
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  • Medical and health sciences
    • Nutrition and dietetics
  • Agricultural and food sciences
    • Agricultural animal production
    • Food sciences and (bio)technology
sustainable food packaging
Project description

OptiBarrier is a VIS-range around the central problem: on hold versus under packaging. The program consists of three sub-processes. In the first section, the effect of different levels of gas-barrier is studied, resulting in different dynamic oxygen concentrations on the shelf-life of foodstuffs. The second sub-project zooms in on the light-barrier packaging, and more concretely on the interaction between light exposure, light transmittance of the packaging, the dynamic oxygen concentration in the packaging Kung and the resultant shelf-life of foodstuffs. The third project is investigating how a functional barrier can be integrated into packaging materials (specific) migration (eg. Mineral oil) to reduce the food from these materials.