Improvement in food products by use of nutritionally sound fats

01 August 2012 → 30 November 2013
Private funding via IWT/VLAIO
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nutritionally sound fats
Project description

Will initially be conducted an extensive literature and patent search (WP1). During the project, the companies will receive a literature review in which a current state of affairs regarding this issue will be discussed. With this they will be able to greatly veruimen their current knowledge on the subject. This document will mainly focus be on one hand the effects of replacing saturated fats with more nutritionally sound fat and anderijds how the anonymous function using curly deficiencies can be countered. In this way, companies can include assessing what would be the impact of such exchanges within their proprietary formulations and which may be optionally possible solutions. In a next phase of the project are reference products (fermented dry sausage, cream, croissant and béchamel sauce) has been developed and characterized (WP2) for comparison with the experiments in which alternative fat sources are applied (WP3). The composition of the alternative fats will also be mapped. In this way, can be acquired more easily insights into the onset of certain deficiencies in the reference products when the saturated fat (partially) replaced by alternative fats with a healthier fat profile. In the following work package (WP4), it will be attempted by the use of alternative processing techniques and excipients, the resulting deficiencies, as a result of the replacement of the saturated fat in the various reference products, to counter. The knowledge resulting from this can be used to create high quality proprietary formulations waarvbij the amount of saturated fat is successfully replaced by more nutritionally sound greases (WP5: test cases)