Research into cultural education and participation of small children (0-6 years)

01 September 2017 → 19 January 2018
Regional and community funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Civic learning and community development
    • Cultural participation
    • Cultural sociology
    • Sociology of arts
    • Migration
    • Arts and cultural policy
    • Communications and media policy
    • Sociology of work
    • Sociology of leisure and tourism
    • Sociology of sports
    • Voluntary associations, participation and civil society
    • Media and communication policy
    • Cultural media
    • Digital media
cultural education young children cultural participation
Project description


In this study we will go deeper into cultural education and cultural participation of the little ones (0 to 6 years). The choice for a study that specifically targets this age group is the result of the growing interest in the cultural participation and learning of this group. At the same time, the choice was motivated by the fact that although the practical and policy attention for cultural education and participation among the smallest ones increases, scientific knowledge on this subject remains highly atomised. A current and coherent overview of national and international scientific research on this theme is missing today. However, such a synthesis is very important because it can bring together existing insights from different scientific disciplines (pedagogy, sociology, psychology, cognition and neuroscience, art sciences, ...) and can demonstrate which claims are empirically or theoretically substantiated and which are not. This can help to design and direct measures and choices in policy and practice. It can therefore make policy choices more information-based.