Performing a historical-strategic landscape analysis in the context of the European project 'TransMusSites 14-45'

01 January 2011 → 31 October 2011
Funding by decentralised authorities
Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Applied mathematics in specific fields
    • Geophysics
    • Physical geography and environmental geoscience
    • Other earth sciences
    • Aquatic sciences, challenges and pollution
  • Engineering and technology
    • Geomatic engineering
Project description

The overall objective of the assignment is to perform a historical-strategic landscape analysis in the framework of the project "TransMusSites 14-45". Uitganspunt this is "preserve the landscape and make understandable to the general public." In the foreseeable selected areas, the focus is on the tracks in the landscape that recall World War I, which must be identified according to a valuation. The approach from the current landscape care is part of the European Landscape Convention, which is considered a landscape area, as perceived by people, whose character is the result of the action and interaction of natural and human factors. Read the dynamic aspect of landscape is also considered. The landscape in the regions of West Flanders, Département du Pas-de-Calais, Département du Nord is being determined by the events of the First World War, in which the landscape is often described as the last material witnesses the First World War .