Improving access to mental health care and mental health literacy

01 October 2017 → 31 March 2020
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Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Biological and physiological psychology
    • General psychology
    • Other psychology and cognitive sciences
mental health care
Project description

MentALLY's strategic aim is to gather the necessary empirical evidence to accelerate the evolution towards a European mental healthcare that provides effective mental health treatment to all adults who are in need. A carefully designed dissemination and implementation strategy translates the empirical evidence to strengthen existing networks and improve existing practices. MentAlly has three main objectives:

1. To gather the necessary evidence related to:
-health professionals' perspectives
-clients' perspectives,
-the public mental health debate.

2. To develop a multi-applicable framework across European countries and stakeholders in order to achieve the adequate access to mental health care in terms of diagnose and treatment in women en men.

3. To increase primary care professionals' competencies, evaluate organization and capacity of care systems, and improve patient outcomes by making tools and practices accessible that could increase the efficiency and effectiveness of psychotherapeutic treatment.