INSITU: Tools for investigating the properties of nanoparticle suspensions during processing

01 August 2014 → 31 July 2018
Private funding via IWT/VLAIO
Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Classical physics
    • Elementary particle and high energy physics
    • Other physical sciences
nanoparticle suspension
Project description

The project INSITU aims at developing a number of tools and methodologies to address scientific and

technological challenges in the area of nanoparticle based materials. Even when starting from welldefined

and stable nanoparticle suspensions in a suspending medium, ensuring adequate dispersion

during processing in a more complex formulation or polymeric matrix, or structure control during the

formation of a coating or a deposit is often not possible. The SBO INSITU is part of the horizontal program

TRAP, and aims at providing the nanomaterial industry in Flanders with a number of tools related to

nanoparticle processing.