Flemish pottery and stone reference collection (FLEPOSTORES): a "hands-on" and digital open access reference database for geological materials in archaeology and cultural heritage

01 May 2018 → 30 April 2022
Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO)
Research disciplines
  • Humanities
    • Archaeology
    • Theory and methodology of archaeology
    • Other history and archaeology
database geological materials
Project description

FLEPOSTORES will be a Ghent University based Flemish reference system for researchers and students working in archaeology, geology and cultural heritage studies. Further building on existing reference collections within Ghent University and with 3 external partners, the database will offer an online open access platform and a hands-on collection of worked natural stone and pottery, from prehistoric till pre-industrial times (ca. 5000BC-1700AD). For building this system various infrastructural elements are requested: camera, microscope, pc, database, storage units and trays, bags, next to personnel to create the system. Ceramics and stone are made from geological materials with specific characteristics or ‘fingerprints’. Establishing a fingerprint leads to a better understanding of the nature and origin of the materials found in archaeological and historic building context and therefore will offer insights in the ways humans engaged through time with the natural environment. Groups of material of which these primary characteristics are established after scientific research are diagnostic groups. They serve as a reference, a benchmark to compare to other groups of stone or pottery of which the nature is still unknown. FLEPOSTORES will serve ongoing and future research as it will facilitate considerably the access to these diagnostic groups. As such it will allow for the development of new research and it will give Ghent University an important strategic research advantage