FUGELS - Functionally Graded Electrodes for Long-Life Lithium-Sulfur Batteries

01 May 2021 → Ongoing
Regional and community funding: IWT/VLAIO
Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Nanophysics and nanosystems
    • Surfaces, interfaces, 2D materials
    • Solid state chemistry
  • Engineering and technology
    • Functionalisation of materials
    • Materials synthesis
    • Surface engineering
batteries electrodes atomic-layer-deposition
Project description

This project aims to develop new architectures for sulfur and lithium electrodes to improve the performance and longevity of the next generation of battery technology, namely lithium sulfur batteries (LSBs). The innovative sulfur electrodes ensure the simultaneous increase in sulfur load and stability of electronic/ionic contacts over short and long distances in the cell. This is achieved through a new approach based on the 'gradual decoration of sulfur particles and electrode by the so-called fall centers of polysulfide (PS fall). In addition, the aim is to increase the safety and energy density of the LSBs by developing thin protected lithium electrodes.